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Max Pressman had murdered his wife Maria and attempted to kill himself and his two small children, Michael and Melinda. A police officer shot and killed him before he could do so, but Pressman eventually returned as a ghost-like entity, with only the face of Melinda's doll as his own. He was called Wallow, able to induce and feed upon human misery. Approaching the now-adult Melinda, he stirred despair within her until she stepped from a ten-story building; however, she survived the fall, and Ghost Rider hurried her to a hospital. Wallow next pushed Michael off another rooftop, but he too survived, and Ghost Rider drove Wallow away. Learning of Wallow's crimes and intent, Ghost Rider rushed to Melinda's bedside and prevented Wallow from murdering her. Ghost Rider's penance stare somehow reduced Wallow's ghostly form to ashes, but his essence was drawn to Blackheart's realm.[1]



  • Fear Induction: Wallow has the empathic ability to induce fear and misery, which he then feeds on.

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