Max Morales-Stacy was the son of Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy. Being celebrities themselves, their parents took great effort to keep their children away from attention and personal scrutiny of their lives.[2]

Along with his sister Charlotte, Max first became an adventurer of his own while battling an interdimensional talk show host Mojo Harvey. Afterwards, Max and his sister joined the Amazing Eight under the aliases of Spider-Boy and Spider-Girl. The kids frequently encountered alternate versions of their mother Gwen Stacy and were considered a dangerous threat to their timeline by the Watchers.[2]

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While their parents were away for their second honeymoon, the HQ of the Amazing Eight was visited by a displaced younger version of their mother from Earth-65, who had been accidentally teleported to Earth-8. After meeting her potential offspring and their adult in charge, Spider-Ham, Gwen was offered access to a portal back to her universe.

The Amazing Eight, minus Miles and Gwen, joined her after Spider-Ham was convinced by Charlotte to help Gwen out in defeating the forces of S.I.L.K.. While on Earth-65, Spider-Boy and Spider-Girl confronted and helped defeat this universe's Scorpion, who was an evil counterpart of their grandfather.[1]


Max possesses powers and abilities similar to his parents, including wall-crawling and superhuman speed, agility, and equilibrium.[2]


Unlike his sister, Max does not possess a spider-sense.[2]


Max possesses Peter Parker's original Web-Shooters and a personalized version of his father's suit.[2]



  • Max is four years younger than his sister.[2]

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