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Appearing in "Illegal Aliens"

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Synopsis for "Illegal Aliens"

In a Texas border town dive bar, USAgent engages Piledriver in battle and arrests him. USAgent has recently been appointed by Val Cooper to be leader of the Superhuman Tactical Activities Response Squad, a government-sponsored squad charged with apprehending superhuman criminals on the run. After apprehending Piledriver, USAGent realizes one of the barflies was actually a Blood Brother in disguise.

Back in DC, his team shares reports of super-powered aliens suddenly appearing all over the world, including Geometer, Dynorr, Power Platoon, and others. Realizing it is no coincidence, USAgent travels to a Virginia prison to interview an already-captured alien. The alein criminal Reptyl tells him the aliens are not invading Earth, but rather have been sentenced there. Val Cooper has already notified the Avengers, who watch monitors with more alien battles across the globe. Wonder Man, recovering in a rejuvenation tank, wants to help but Wanda refuses until he is completely healed.

Then the Avengers receive a call form Dr Corbeau at Starcore Station, who is tracking a massive energy surge at the boundary of the Solar System. USAgent arrives at Avengers headquarters and says he is in charge of the whole operation, which causes tempers to flare. Henry Pym interrupts with news—he has discovered a massive structure cloaked in the upper atmosphere which seems connected to the influx of aliens.

They race to a Quinjet to investigate; a resentful USAgent insists on coming along. On approaching the alien vessel it fires at them, exploding the Quinjet and capturing the team in a tractor beam. Once aboard, they are confronted by Ronan the Accuser, who explains that humanity’s interference in galactic affairs has become such a problem that the Sol system has been quarantined by an Intergalactic Council, and Earth itself has been designated a prison world, in order to disrupt its ability to interfere further in the wider galaxy. Warbird tries to reason with him but Ronan says he too is a prisoner, and his sentence is to oversee this operation. He teleports them all back to New York.

They reconvene and bicker more over who’s in charge; when a report of an alien baby recovered by an Oklahoma farm couple becomes most pressing, as the baby became an expanding blob that it gradually taking over the countryside. The team quickly realizes it it Ego the Living Planet, and within a week he will have taken over the entire planet.

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