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Quote1.png The Earth is under our control – and soon – soon, the universe itself shall tremble, before the New Kree Empire – and before its unquestioned masterThe Intelligence Supreme! Quote2.png

Appearing in "A World of Hurt"

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Synopsis for "A World of Hurt"

Ego continues to spread as Iron Man, Reed Richards, and the Silver Surfer try to understand how to stop it, as the other Avengers take to the ground to stop the violent alien prisoners from wreaking havoc. Fortunately an ally, Beta Ray Bill, has also been transported to Earth as a prisoner. USAgent wants to take the fight directly to Ronan in his space citadel, and decides to recruit some of the alien villains to help, while Wasp and Pym work on a way of evading Ronan’s sensors. Wasp reaches Quasar via his quantum bands and informs him and his allies of the situation.

Elsewhere, Professor X leads a team of Skrulls against the Intergalactic Council itself, aiming to reach Lilandra. Xavier and his troops are blasted before they can reach Lilandra, but Xavier smiles as he falls.

USAgent tries to recruit the aliens to serve as troops under him, and comes upon a group of Ruul who are building alien devices around the planet. He soon realizes they are using Kree technology, and realizes they are in fact working with the Kree. Elsewhere Reed, Iron Man, and Surfer try unsuccesfully to contain Ego’s expansion; Ego gradually gains consciousness. The Surfer prepares to self-sacrifice in order to consume Ego’s vast energies and save Earth.

On the Moon, the S.H.I.E.L.D. base guarding the Supreme Intelligence is overrun by the vicious reptilian aliens called Ruul, a newly mutated branch of Kree, who kill every human present. They then report to the Supreme Intelligence that Earth now belongs to the Kree.


  • The creatures encountered in the Okeefenokee swamp are an homage to Walt Kelly's famous comic strip, Pogo.
    • Their presence as alien refugees may be a reference to DC Comics' Swamp Thing #32 by Alan Moore, itself a tribute to the landmark comic strip.

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