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Quote1.png This should never have happened -- none of it! And I don't want to be part of your costume party -- endangering everyone, making cosmic enemies with your unsupervised, dilettante games! It's the little guy I care about -- the little guy, the silent majority -- the people who shouldn't have to have their lives interrupted and threatened by all this super-violence that erupts without warning! Keep your congratulations! I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing -- being the guy who makes sure all the super-crooks and monsters are subject to the same damn laws as everyone else -- making sure they know that they -- and you -- are nothing special! Nothing at all! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Whatever the Cost!"

A contingent of Earth heroes, including Avengers and X-Men, teleports to a Ruul/Kree station at the perimeter of the solar system and begin a full-scale assault on the Ruul there. Elsewhere, on Hala. Thor, Quasar and others are imprisoned, but Tigra is able to free herself and then the others, and they teleport away to reveal the truth they have learned. On Earth, Scarlet Witch and a squad of other sorcerers are unable to push back Ego’s expansion across the United States. Gambit delivers information to Reed and Iron Man that may help contain Ego.

Quasar and company teleport into the presence of Lilandra and the Galactic Council, where Moondragon psychically shares the knowledge they’ve gained, that the Kree Supreme Intelligence is behind the whole scheme, and the Ruul are in fact hyper-evolved Kree soldiers, and Ego was intended to take over Earth all along. Skeptical at first, Lilandra receives a call from Cerise who confirms it and shows Ego’s takeover in progress. Then the Supreme Intelligence appears and double-confirms everything, laughing at the Council and saying the Kree now have supreme power, and they have already re-claimed Hala and several other originally Kree worlds.

On USAgent’s orders, Thor, Quasar, and the other heroes agree to return to Earth to help fight Ego. On Earth, the machine invented by Reed and Iron Man works, pushing Ego back, but soon a giant-sized Ronan appears in person to fight them off. Fortunately at that moment the other heroes led by Quasar and Thor appear in the sky (Quasar has picked up the other heroes at the Ruul station along the way), and they battle Ronan.

Using the Surfer as a conduit, Reed’s machine activates, but soon overwhelms him and he collapses. Quasar volunteers to replace him, believing his quantum power might be more suited than the Surfer’s cosmic power. With the machine activated Ronan begins to shrink to normal size, but he charges it and fights off its protectors. USAgent takes him on single-handedly and though he is badly pummeled, he distracts Ronan long enough for the machine to finish. Ego is absorbed entirely into the body of Quasar, who flies away into outer space.

Cap tries to congratulate USAgent for his leadership, but John refuses to accept it and yells at everybody, though later defends them in private.

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