Quote1.png I'm Death -- Most dreaded of the Four Horseman! Quote2.png
-- Death


Maximus would ally himself with Apocalypse after the eternal mutant took over much of the world. Maximus would slay the entire House of Agon and create twisted clones based on the royals. Moving the Inhuman colony to the Blue Area of the Moon, Maximus would accept a position in the Horsemen of the Apocalypse as Death.

In recent times, during a period in which Apocalypse was recuperating on the Moon following injuries sustained in battle, the X-Men would seek to go there to attempt to destroy Apocalypse once and for all. They would be confronted by Maximus and his clones of the Royal Family who would easily take out the X-Men except for their youngest member Blink who would escape capture. Maximus would lock the X-Men up with his test subject Sunfire whose powers now raged out of control following the destruction of Japan. Maximus would begin to have ambitions to overthrow Apocalypse himself, troubling Prelate Cyclops who would find Blink. Not wishing his master to be usurped by the Inhuman, Cyclops would allow Blink to rescue her friends. In the battle, Sunfire's nuclear flame powers would incinerate Maximus and decimate his headquarters on the moon.


Mind Control: Maximus possesses the ability to override the thought processes of other brains around him, although the potency of this power varies greatly over time. At its peak, Maximus can overtake the minds of others. While he is capable of numbing the minds of as many people as there are within a 20-foot radius of him, he can only direct one sort of behavior at a time. He can impose a certain behavior on either a single individual or as many people as are in his radius. Maximus is especially good at controlling the actions of the dim-witted Alpha Primitives worker class. Maximus' power can even cause short-term amnesia if he overpowers a mind with sufficient force. He can blank people's minds or control their actions for as long as he so concentrates: they revert to normal as soon as he stops.



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