Born from an illegal union, she was so a decred, with no legal existence, and access refused to services such as malls, hospitals, schools. She developed then an hatred to citizens, especially riches people carrying gold- or platinum-cards.[1][2]

At twelve, she wins the illegal competition known as Blue Dagger Championship and keep for five years the Blue Dagger, a Jet Blade and the trophy of the competition.[2]

At one point, she joined or fund the Young Blades gang, specialized into the murder of carders and the collection of their Credit I.D. implants. She killed at least nine of them, including three Public Eye subscribers.[2]

When her gang crossed the way of Jake Gallows, he was first shattered by the Public Eye's agent, and then by the Punisher himself. Killing all his friends, Jake confronted Maxine. Blue Max try to explain her reasons, but the Punisher was thinking only about punishment.

Claiming nobody has ever give her nothing, she prefer suicide instead of allow the Punisher to give her death. Jake feels uncomfortable about her suicide, knowing that Maxine was not the only responsible for her behavior, but the product of her society.[2]

She was saved by her fellow Blade, Sky Boy,[3] who was later captured and killed by the Punisher.[1]

Later, battling again for the Blue Dagger, she confronted the Punisher, and teaming-up with the Samurai, tried to kill him and win the race.

Her comrade was killed, the Blue Dagger destroyed but she already win against the Punisher who wanted to beat Max to protect the children from the attractive reputation of this sport. Jake tried to kill her when she go out, but the spectators stand in front of him. Maxine then leaves.[3] Jake swears to kill her the next time their path crossed but this encounter never came.


Jet Blade skilled driver and accomplished hand-to-hand and knife fighter.


formerly the Blue Dagger Jet Blade



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