Maxmelle was a Valusian knight whose life was inadvertently saved by the boy Sedrick, so he took him to the City of Wonders as his new squire. Sedrick then betrayed Valusia and Maxmelle who had trusted him, by using his shepherd’s staff, enchanted by Thulsa Doom, to summon Beast-Men into the throneroom. Attempting to escape, Sedrick ran into Maxmelle and sobbed out the whole story. Maxmelle rushed off to defend his king and died in the battle. Ten thousand years later, Maxmelle, now known as the Footslave of the Elder Gods, was lured by the Devourer of Souls while wandering an ancient cavern deep beneath the earth under an inland sea.[1]

Conan met him in an underground cave in Koth, and took his Staff of the Elder Gods to use it against Xuthl's Shedu.[2]

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