Early Life

Maxwell was born in Endicott, New York and presumably suffered the same accident as his Earth-616 counterpart, over the following 8 years he would constantly crash with the New York vigilante, Spider-Man until he was arrested and be left as a prisioner in The Raft.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Maxwell spent years restrained until he was released by Doctor Octopus, who made him part of the Sinister Six, a supervillain group formed as part of his revenge plan on Mayor Norman Osborn. After joining the other members to battle the Spider-Man on the rooftop of the Raft, He was sent with The Vulture to destroy the city. Electro proceeded to attack the police force at the Upper East Side police station, but halted the attack when Spider-Man appeared, fleeing the scene. Electro was later found again by Spider-Man after being captured by The Vulture, who took the webhead to clash against both. After joining forces with The Vulture, both villains battled Spider-Man over a Oscorp factory, with spidey managing to defeat them, who were later arrested by the police.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Maxwell Dillon of Earth-616



  • His appereance is both a combination of his Earth-616 and Earth-1610 counterparts.
    • His scar and color scheme resembles his 616 version, while his suit is based of his 1610 version's old suit.
  • His goal to become pure energy may be based on his 1610 counterpart's current state.
  • Citizens on social media once suspected that he was the new Spider-Man on account of their shared electric powers.[3]

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