Quote1 Just cuz they wear the suit doesn't make them him. Quote2
-- Electro src
Maxwell Dillon (Earth-22191) from Spider-Verse Vol 2 5 001

Max Dillon

Electro was one of the foes of the original Spider-Man who made up the Sinister Six.[1]

The Six would be sent to bring in the Warriors of the Great Web from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. While them initially provoked a fight, they successfully brought them back to Ozcorp Tower. There, Electro was present to see the heroes agree to help Osborn learn of the Web of Life and Destiny.[2]

Shortly afterwards, Osborn received a message from the believed deceased Peter Parker. Going into a frenzy, he assembled the Six to end Parker. However, Electro was left behind to watch over the Web-Warriors.[3] Realizing Thor was attacking the spiders, he went along with their plan and shot a machine connect to the great web full of electricity. This caused a feedback loop that blew up the room and knocked everyone inside unconscious.[4]


Seemingly those of the Max Dillon of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Max Dillon of Earth-616.

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