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Before becoming Electro

Max was a classmate of Peter Parker during his time at both Midtown High and Empire State University.[1] However his desire to fit in during his college days caused him to be the focal point of bullying. Among the worst was Doug Reisman, who in an earlier prank almost got Max killed after locking him in a limo with a helmet over Max's head, preventing him from seeing and hearing. Being that he was unaware of Doug's involvement, Max graciously accepted Doug's invitation to a local Frat Party in hopes of joining his fraternity. However, Max was rejected then pelted with several rounds of paintballs.

Humiliated, Max ran out the door, and straight towards a nearby neon billboard during a thunderstorm. When a stray lightning bolt hit the sign, Max was infused with electrical energies, turning him into Electro. In anger, Electro used his newfound powers to attack the party goers, killing Doug in the process. Spider-Man stepped in to stop Electro, leading to Max dispersing, apparently killing him.[2]

However, Max somehow returned alive and living in the New York City power grid, and thus began to stalk Sally Johnson, another classmate who according to Mary Jane, was the only one who really connected to Max. Electro began to leave messages throughout Sally's day via audio and through various screens. Max attacked his teacher, Professor Williams for no apparent reason. After hearing the video log Sally was given, Peter deduced that Professor Williams was actually a test run to recreate the accident that turned Max into Electro, and had full intent on doing the same to Sally.

Electro then kidnapped Sally, professing his love to here and his intent on turning her into an electrical being like him. Spider-Man showed up to stop him along with Harry and MJ, the latter two had brought an Oscorp Electrical containment unit to stop Max. Max was contained, and the event slowly started to change Harry's views on Spider-Man.[3]


Electrokinesis: Electro's primary ability was to fire electric blasts at his opponents. He could also drain energy from any source. While in the power grid, Electro could communicate through any form of screen or speaker. Flight: With use of his powers, Electro could hover in the air.


Grounding: Electro must stay airborne the whole time. As exploited by Spider-Man in their first fight, if Electro is physically on the ground, his electrical energy with be siphoned off and he will start to wilt.

  • Electro is the only villain in the series to be defeated by Spider-Man in one episode and return in another.

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