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Quote1.png We're here for the silver... but where I'm from, Kraven killed our Spider-Man... and I was always a little jealous of that. Quote2.png


This Electro was one of the numerous Max Dillons and counterparts of him that joined an army created by the Max Dillon of Earth-449 and the Mike Dillon of Earth-1082.

They were sent to Earth-9105 in order to retrieve some silver that had been left by the Electros that had previously been assigned to steal it. When they arrived, they encountered and engaged the Web-Warriors, a group of counterparts of Spider-Man from different realities. This Electro was quickly knocked down by Spider-Woman. The Electros were eventually forced to retreat when Spider-UK bluffed, claiming that the Web Warriors needed the silver for themselves, in order to get the Electros off their back.[1]



Seemingly those of the Max Dillon of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Max Dillon of Earth-616.

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