Quote1 Foolish children! I'm Electro and I received these gifts from Seth himself. Quote2
-- Electro src

Electro took advantage of the death of his universe's Spider-Man to help an army of Electros from different realities to steal silver.

He, the Electro from Earth-449, the Electro of Earth-1082, and another one stole a silver vault in New Memphis when they were interrupted by two members of the Web-Warriors, the Spider-Woman of Earth-65 and the Spider-Woman of Earth-982, who happened to be in this reality for lunch.

The Spider-Women were surprised by the appearance of the other two Electros helping the one native to this reality, and they were easily outmatched. When one of the Spider-Women teleported away, the teleporter device of the other one got fried by the attack of the Electros, unabling her to go back. She was quickly knocked down, and the Electros returned to their base on Earth-1082 with her as a hostage.[1]


Seemingly those of the Max Dillon of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Max Dillon of Earth-616.

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