After SHIELD quarantined New York during the Symbiote Infection, Maxwell Dillon's little sister was taken to a SHIELD camp as an infected suspect. Losing his sister to the SHIELD agents drove Dillon berserk, and the one time super villain tore through the streets, blasting electricity at anything with a SHIELD logo as he traveled from SHIELD camp to SHIELD camp, trying to rescue his sister. He was quickly intercepted by Spider-Man, who attempted to fight him. Electro attacked Spider-Man with waves of electric balls and columns to try and keep the hero away from him, allowing him to retreat and return to his hunt. After he overloaded numerous camps, Electro was finally stopped by Spider-Man and Black Widow, who brought the villain down with a bullet to the torso. As Electro fell, apparently dead, his sister broke out of SHIELD possession, and was revealed to be a symbiote host. She transferred the Symbiote to her brother, and Electro's wounds became healed, allowing the now possessed super villain to escape.

Maxwell Dillon (Earth-TRN009) from Spider-Man Web of Shadows 002

Later on, Electro became a major presence in the Symbiote horde. He created his own Symbiote Pods that could transform civilians into electricity-themed symbiotes, and he began to send his "legions" out to fight the remaining resistance in New York. At Kingpin's advice, Spider-Man hunted down Electro and fought the villain. Despite his deadly powers being amplified by his Symbiote servants, Spider-Man was able to defeat him and separate the alien parasite from the villain, saving him. Electro decided to help Spider-Man to fight off the infection for the remainder of the quarantine, though his fate after Venom's defeat is unknown.


Seemingly those of Maxwell Dillon (Earth-616)#Powers.

  • In the non-canon Black Suit path for the game, Spider-Man ends his battle with the Symbiote Electro by beating the alien parasite from the villain. Spider-Man forces Electro to realize that the symbiotes are the reason that his sister is gone, not SHIELD or anyone else, and a rage-filled Electro joins Spider-Man, allowing him to be summoned as an assist character as long as the Black Suit Alignment is active.

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