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Electro was a member of the Sinister Six.

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Electro was in prison when Mysterio took leadership of the Sinister Six after their previous leader, the Green Goblin, was defeated by Spider-Man. Mysterio broke Electro out of prison to help him with his plans, but instead of helping Mysterio, Electro decided to join the Avengers Academy.

Electro tried reform his old team, the Emissaries of Evil, but he found out that all of his old teammates were beaten into retirement by Daredevil so he abandoned the idea.

Electro used his electricity based powers to help Iron Man arm a satellite he built, that would protect the Academy from future alien invasions by unleashing a lightning storm on those threats.[1]


Seemingly those of the Maxwell Dillon of Earth-616.

  • Loki's nickname for him was Electricity Man.[1]

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