Quote1 I've taken all the electricity in Manhattan, Spider. Saved it all up just for you. Tonight you die! Quote2
-- Electro src

Electro was an adversary of Spider-Man.[1] He siphoned all the electricity in Manhattan in an attempt to be strong enough to murder Spider-Man. Unfortunately for Dillon, Spider-Man tricked him into using up the electricity in his body and into an area where he couldn't recharge. He was handed over to the NYPD, but was freed by the Sinister Six and recruited into their ranks.[2] They used Mysterio's holograms to trick Spider-Man into an ambush, but despite achieving the upper hand and having Spider-Man literally under their feet, the youth's will allowed him to prevail, defeating the Sinister Six.[3]


Seemingly those of Max Dillon of Earth-616.

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