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The ever-optimistic Maxwell Jordan was among the first intake of students to attend the rebuilt Xavier Institute and was placed on the Corsairs Squad mentored by co-headmaster Cyclops.[1] An average student as a result of his unofficial status as "class clown," Quill got busted trying to steal test answers from the headmaster’s office, but he was caught by Kitty Pryde who then assigned him and his accomplices to be mentored by Gambit, but instead of making them see the error of their way, he taught the boys some real thieving techniques. This inspired Jordan to become a professional thief, though whether this was just youthful folly has yet to be determined.[2]

Quill was one of the few students who had retained his powers during M-Day; he continued to stay and learn at the Mansion but the Squad System had been disbanded. During the attack on the Mansion by Reverend William Stryker, Quill was one of the students killed.[3]

Later, his corpse was shown to Carol Danvers to torment her.[4]

As a victim of anti-mutant violence whom the X-Men regretted being unable to save, Max was considered a high-priority mutant for resurrection on Krakoa.[5]

He was seen present when all of his old school buddies were reunited.[6]



Quill Generation and Projection: Quill is a mutant whose entire body is covered in sharp porcupine-like quills that can be expelled at high velocities. Quill can produce spikes from his body at will and can fire them with great precision. Not only can he utilize his piercing barbs as deadly ranged weapons, he can also employ them as close ranged weapons to rend opponents up close. His quills have the capacity to kill people which makes him dangerous.

He was stated to be a Low Threat by the O*N*E.[7]


Skilled thief, trained by Gambit.


His weakness would be the fact that his spikes can harm people when they touch them, including allies.



His quills.


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