Max and his older brother Hugh were the sons of the wealthy General Orwell Taylor. When Hugh got out of the Army he went to go work at the Vault but he was murdered by Venom. Orwell Taylor swore revenge and gathered Max, Hugh's army buddy Samuel Caulkins and 3 of Hugh's friends from his job at the Vault. Together they formed the Jury and began to hunt Venom in an attempt to put him on trial. Max takes the codename Screech and is given a suit of armor. Later they kidnap Spider-Man and put him on trial for his role in bringing the Venom symbiote to earth.

Eventually Max's father is revealed as corrupt and willing to make side deals with shady organizations like the Life Foundation. Max rejects his father when Orwell is willing to leave the other members of the Jury to die.

Max gives up the Screech identity and then refines the Jury's trial process. A man known as Gavel is appointed as the judge for their trials. Olivia Lentz was recruited as the organization's prosecutor whose job was to present the case against the offender. Max served as defense lawyer to the accused.

Max apparently broke ties with the Jury after they lost their funding.

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