May Reilly-Parker is the aunt of Peter Parker. She was married to Ben Parker until his untimely death. May's history shares some similarities with her Earth-92131 counterpart; she tried multiple times to set Peter up for a date with Anna Watson's niece, Mary Jane Watson, but Peter and Mary Jane didn't meet until after the Spider-Slayer incident.[1]

She also had a seizure as a result of being a bystander in the conflict between Hobgoblin and Norman Osborn, but managed to recover.[2]

For a while she was well again, doing things such as being at the airport with Peter's friends to wish him well on his trip to Brazil,[3], or hosting a party for her elderly friends[4], but suddenly she fell heavily ill. When Anna and Mary Jane Watson asked her why, May admitted that she was too embarrassed to tell Peter that she stopped taking her medication because she couldn't afford it. Anna and MJ managed to get Dr. Lieber to check on her in time.[5]

Afterwards, her friend Bonnie Anderson passed away and left May a piece of land in Arizona. However, she was worried because the taxes on the plot of land were too high for her to afford. Peter traveled to Arizona and eventually resolved the situation.[6]

When the universe was destroyed, May died along the other people in Earth.[7]



  • The first thirteen issues of Spider-Man Adventures adapted the first thirteen episodes of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, and then went off on their own stories completely independent of what the show was doing. As a result, the history for the Earth-92131 Aunt May provided by the cartoon does not entirely apply to the Earth-TRN566 May.
  • Initially in Spider-Man Adventures, Aunt May was drawn to look like her Earth-616 counterpart. By Spider-Man Adventures #11, her design was changed to match the cartoon's design.

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