May Reilly lived with her husband Ben Parker and her nephew, a child aged Peter Parker. At one point she sent Peter to the drug store to get medicine for Uncle Ben. [1] On Christmas Eve, he was sent to bed by his aunt and uncle in preparation for the arrival of Santa. Hearing a noise, Petey rushed downstairs to be greeted by 'Santa Claus' but Petey was convinced it was Uncle Ben, however he found his Aunt and Uncle in the kitchen.[2]

Aunt May went to Donald Blake for medication and was supposed to meet Petey to help her get home, however he was running late. She started to walk home by herself but bumped into Matt Murdock. Petey caught up just as Matt thought May was about to get hit but a truck.[3]

Aunt May and Uncle Ben had to go to his cousin's wedding and hired the last minute baby sitter Susan Storm who had to bring along her younger brother Johnny Storm.[4]

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