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Quote1 Maya Hansen was in here earlier, shouting at me. She always shouts. Never happy. Quote2
Aldrich Killian[src]



Dr. Maya Hansen was a brilliant scientist working for the FuturePharm Corporation in Austin, Texas alongside Dr. Aldrich Killian. Together they developed Extremis, an attempt to create a new super soldier. The Extremis was a techno organic virus that completely rewrites the body’s genetic code. It replaced entire organs making them more efficient. The virus also gave the body a sort of healing factor. The original Extremis granted superhuman strength, speed, endurance, reflexes and the ability to project electricity and breathe fire.[2]

When the samples were stolen and given to domestic terrorists, Maya contacted Tony Stark, with whom she had studied with in college. Later it was revealed that she was the one who let the samples go.[2] After a brief period in jail, Tony broke her free just to fix his brain.[3] Later she was paroled and worked under Tony at S.H.I.E.L.D..[4][5]


After the death of their mentor, Sal Kennedy, Maya blamed Tony and left S.H.I.E.L.D. to instead go to work for a man calling himself Tem Borjigin who was in fact the Mandarin, masquerading as the CEO of a company called Prometheus Gentech, Inc., whom she believed to have been contracted by the Defense Department. Together they worked on perfecting Extremis so it could be used to heal as Maya had wanted, as well as creating the next wave of Captain America type Super-Soldiers.

After a short time working on the project Maya began to suspect that something wasn't right and contacted Jack Kooning who was running the government side of the project to confront him, only to learn he had no idea about the lengths the project had gone to, including making an airborne version of Extremis which was almost 100 percent lethal. Maya discovered a lab full of human subjects and was confronted by the Mandarin who admitted that he was planning on killing billions so the few million who survived would be made greater by Extremis.

Moments after this, Tony arrived in an older model Iron Man armor and a fight ensued, culminating in the destruction of the facility by S.H.I.E.L.D. with an experimental localised black hole bomb. Maya was seemingly saved from the blast by the Mandarin and found by S.H.I.E.L.D. troops, after learning that the Mandarin had seemingly weaponized Extremis with her own safeguards removed, Maya agreed to help Tony by revealing her work so a vaccine could be produced. Once this was done the Mandarin revealed that he had been holding her since her rescue and used mental manipulation to trick her so that she would decode her work for him to make it possible to weaponize Extremis. Maya was then rescued by Tony who managed to use his own Extremis abilities to stop the missiles the Mandarin was trying to use to spread the weaponized Extremis.[6]


Years later, she was kidnapped by A.I.M., who held her in Buenos Aires, Argentina and forced her to recreate the Extremis virus in order to create their own super humans, when she tried to escape, she was killed by one of A.I.M.'s, now superpowered, agents. A failsafe plan she had if this happened was put in march few moments before her death, alerting Tony about the Extremis being on the loose once more.[7]


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  • Super-Genius Intelligence: She was considered to be one of the smartest people on the planet. She was a brilliant scientist who was one of the two persons responsible for creating Extremis, a techno-organic virus that could rewrite DNA itself.[8]


  • According to The Mandarin, Maya possessed the genetic sequence that would allow her to survive the exposure to Extremis.[9]
  • Maya joked that she had a 'third PhD in Botany', raising the possibility that she has at least two genuine PhDs.[1]

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