Maya Jackson was a mutant whose powers developed faster compared to most people of her species. By the age of ten, she already possessed the ability to see through solid objects. Ever since she was little, Maya loved super heroes, and always wanted to be one. She was especially a big fan of Storm, to the point she collected any kind of pictures of Storm, and closely followed her personal life.

When the M-Pox crisis broke out, Maya was visited by Iceman and Magik of the X-Men at her family's home in Philadelphia, and she was offered the chance to move to the safe zone of X-Haven in Limbo. Maya's mother refused to leave her home, so the X-Men left her a communicator in case they changed their mind. Maya later fell ill to M-Pox, and when their neighbors discovered she was a mutant, they decided to leave for X-Haven.

Even though she was ill, Maya saw a silver lining in going to X-Haven, believing that she was going to meet her idol and become an X-Man. Unfortunately, Maya's condition had worsened to the point not even mutant healers could help her, and the X-Men were so busy Storm could never find time to be introduced to Maya.

On her deathbed, Maya's sister, Alisha, rushed to try and get Storm to meet Maya. She was successful, and Storm talked with her. A few moments before she died, Maya was officially made a member of the X-Men under the alias she had created for herself, Lucid.[1]


Maya was a Mutant whose power, which developed before puberty, was the following:

  • X-Ray Vision: Maya possessed the ability to see through "everything," as she described it.[1]

  • Maya was ten years old when she died.[1]

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