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Maya Lopez was born into a Native American family; her father William taught her sign language, but they didn't have enough money to pay for Maya to go to a deaf school. As Maya grew older, her father started taking her to a karate school, which she eventually became proficient at. Maya eventually learned that her father was involved in organized crime, being a part of what others called the Tracksuit Mafia.[1]

Both Maya and her father survived Thanos' Snap in 2018. Some time later, the Tracksuits were attacked by the mysterious Ronin. Maya witnessed the attack from afar and hid herself from the Ronin until he left the scene. She then rushed inside and found many men dead and her father mortally wounded. After he expired in her arms, Maya inherited his place in the organization as well as a great deal of hatred for Ronin.[1]

A person wearing Ronin's suit resurfaced in New York City in December of 2024. On Maya's orders, the Tracksuits tracked "him" down and learned that the costume was worn by a twenty-something named Kate Bishop. After she escaped the burning of her apartment, the Tracksuits lay in waiting for her to return. They eventually apprehended Clint Barton, the famous Avenger, and took him to their current base for interrogation, where Bishop soon joined Hawkeye after an unsuccessful rescue attempt.[2]

Hawkeye was interrogated by Lopez as to the fate and identity of Ronin, with Kazi acting as an interpreter for Barton, who was only semi-proficient with ASL. Barton and Bishop managed to break free and escape and despite a lengthy chase Kazi, Maya, and their mooks eventually lost them. Afterwards, they were busy with evacuating the place, which was now compromised.[1]



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