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On Earth-TRN911, Maybelle "May" Parker lives in a New York City apartment with her nephew Peter Parker, who calls her "tía May" (Spanish for "aunt May"). May believes that Peter is a weak, sensitive young boy, too young to consider marriage (yet she approved Peter's relationship with Gwen Stacy), blissfully unaware that Peter was secretly the superpowerful hero el Hombre Araña.[1] On the other hand, May was sickly and frequently required medical attention, including hospitalization,[1][3][4] and had headaches due to her eyesight having grown worse through the years and her lenses being no longer appropriate.[2] Still, May tried to behave like a housewife and attend to Peter's home needs.[5]

When Gwen left the United States, and Peter, to live in London with relatives, Peter was devastated. May initially thought he'd overcome the loss but, four months later, he was clearly depressed. May confessed her worries to her best friend, Ana Watson, who recommended May to write Gwen a letter asking her to come back. May and Ana wrote the letter together, Ana taking it to the mail.[1]

That night, May's home was attacked by el Duende Verde, a supervillain who knew el Hombre Araña's secret identity and wanted to kill the later. May woke up and, seeing the scary disguised man, fainted unconscious in his arms - so that el Duende took her as a hostage. El Duende confronted Peter and threatened to kill May unless Peter revealed his identity publicly in 24 hours; he then escape, taking May with him. However, not wanting to take care of her for two days, he decided to knock her down for two days with a gas, then drop her at Hospital Internacional, without any identification so that the hospital staff could not warn Peter. However, the doctors found a card with a phone number (of her own home) in May's pocket. Calling there, they revealed to Peter that May was in no danger. The Hospital soon discharged May and sent her home in an ambulance (while recriminating Peter for not having gone for her); still, May was to be in bed for a while.[1] She was soon well enough to continue her daily activities, trying to not reveal to Peter about the letter she had sent to Gwen.[6]

May was later hospitalized again; she was in her room, unaware of external activities, when the city was attacked by the minions of Satánica, and saved by el Hombre Araña.[3] Gwen returned to the United States and to Peter, and they were notified that May required a blood transfusion. Peter's blood is confirmed to be different to May's so the doctors resort to the blood bank. May is recommended to leave the city for a few days, so she visits some neighbors in Florida, leaving Gwen to take care of Peter.[7] She soon returns to New York City, and dyes her hair brown.[2]

In her following visit to the doctor (with Peter on tow, but she allowed him to leave the waiting room to have an ice cream), May was told to visit an oftalmologist because her eyesight had grown worse and she probably needed new lenses, which was the reason for her headaches. Peter's friend Klaus Kruger from Lichtenbad offered to take May to his country so that the specialists there would attend her, with Kruger taking care of the expenses. May remained in New York while Peter travelled to Lichtenbad, but Kruger died during those days.[2] May continued watching over Peter and ensuring he'd eat healthily and went to university classes.[5]



Can cook breakfast.[5]


Faints due to any scary situation.[1] Wears corrective lenses.[2] Tends to require hospitalization.[3][4]


  • On Earth-616, Aunt May famously lives in a several-floor house. On Earth-TRN911, however, she lives in an apartment in a building.[1]
  • In El Sorprendente Hombre Araña #148, the doctor checks that Peter's blood group and Aunt May's are different from hers, so he can't donate blood to her. However, in El Sorprendente Hombre Araña #12 (which reprints Amazing Spider-Man #10), Peter donates his blood to May because they are the same blood group.
  • In El Sorprendente Hombre Araña #153, May is revealed to have lenses when the doctor tells her she needs ones due to her eyesight having grown worse. Peter's so-called friend Klaus Kruger, ruler of Lichtenbad, offers him the services of optical experts in his country. For some unexplained reason, Peter travels to Lichtenbad for a week, while May remains in the United States, where Kruger's experts cannot treat her. In any case, May's poor eyesight or headaches were not mentioned again.

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