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The identity of the woman who impersonated May Parker is unknown. She was an elderly actress who was dying and was convinced by Spider-Man's arch-nemesis the Green Goblin to partake in his complex revenge scheme against Spider-Man, while playing one final role before her death.[1]

When Peter's Aunt May suffered a stroke,[2] the Green Goblin had the actress genetically altered to not only resemble Aunt May, but also have an exact copy of her genetic matrix to fool everyone to believe that she was the real May Parker.[3] After a period of time in a coma,[4] "May" woke from her coma and met was visited by her "nephew" Peter. She was then brought back to May's home in Queens and there was a heartfelt "reunion". When Peter took "Aunt May" to the top of the Empire State Building, the weakening and dying actress "revealed" that she knew that Peter was Spider-Man for years before collapsing in Peter's arms. Peter rushed "May" home to rest where she later died. This impostor was buried next to Peter's long deceased uncle, and May's long deceased husband, Ben Parker with a tombstone stating "She Taught Us Love".[5] There this impostor's body stayed for months, until the Green Goblin eventually resurfaced and used the real Aunt May to taunt Spider-Man and revealed the truth.[1] Ultimately this plan failed and the Green Goblin was defeated.[6]

Since this revelation, it appears that the grave holding the remains of the impostor of May Parker has been removed from its resting place next to Ben Parker.[citation needed] What might have happened to the body is unknown.

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