McFisto, who used many names through history, was a powerful demon and ruler of the underworld who tried to manipulate and oppose superheroes.

Being a supervillain, McFisto was in Santa Claus' "naughty" list and received coal instead of the Nintendo game he wanted.[1]

Initially called My-Fistoe, ruler of the underworld, he was also the landlord of the building where Bud had rented shop to establish Bud's Sud, an after hour bar for superheroes and villains. My-Fistoe tried to evict Bud so that the superheroes would feel emotionally defeated and gave a strict deadline to Bud to pay his rent. Bud put the money together, but My-Fistoe tried to kick him out nevertheless because it was ten seconds after midnight - but then, time-travelling Klang, master of time, stole the money, went back in time, and paied My-Fistoe in time.[2]

Changing his name to Mephisto, he tried to punish Daredevil when he had apparently killed Kingpin in combat; then, Typhoid Mary apparently snapped Mephisto's neck. This was a combined attempt by Kingpin, Mephisto and Mary to overcome Daredevil's mental state and lead him to suicide by jumping throu a window; but Daredevil was saved mid-jump by supernatural events.[3]

Under the alias of "You Know Who" and "Hideous Spawn of the Nether Pit", he was apparently also the father of the Son of You Know Who. However, You Know Who refused to relinquish his domains and powers to his son, because he had apparently promised it to his daughter. It is unclear whether he has a daughter or not; he may be just be tricking him.[4]

On an attempt to manipulate the Silver Burper, the one now known as My-Fist-Toe "kidnapped" the Burper's beloved Nova (his car) and sent the Burper to slay My-Fist-Toe's enemy Galacticus within the hour. Burper managed to make Galacticus topple and fall to the floor, which fulfilled the letter of his agreement; My-Fist-Toe, against his best judgement, returned Burper his car.[5]

Changing his name to McFisto, he allied with Thermos in his attempt to court Death - and agreed to a double-date with Death's sister, Taxes. McFisto prompted Thermos to kill half of the life in the universe. When the superheroes opposed Thermos, McFisto saw Thermos killing them all - but Death was still unimpressed at him.[6] Apparently the heroes were later restored or something, but McFisto was not seen again. [6]


Similar to Mephisto (Earth-616)#Powers, of whom he is a parody.

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