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MeMe was a Morlock. He attacked humans and merged some of them into his body. Before he could do the same with others he was confronted by Colossus and Jean Grey. Colossus' metal skin protected him from the effect of MeMe's power, but he was afraid to harm the partially fused people by attacking MeMe with full force. Jean Grey soon realized what MeMe was stalling for time to fully absorb humans. In order to save them, Jean Grey was forced to telepathically shut down MeMe's mind. Once he had died all people were immediately freed and separated from his dead body.[1]



Lifeform Fusion: MeMe was able to fuse other people into himself in order to create extra mass and appendages. The process was not instaneous, and he required time to fully absorb them. He could reverse the process if he wanted, but only before full absorption, after it had finished his victims would permanently become a part of his body.[1] It is unknown if MeMe also accessed the knowledge of those he had absorbed and if he would have gained other superpowers by absorbing superpowered beings.

Additional Attributes

Stuttering: He involuntarily repeated the words. "MeMe" was in fact him saying "me" twice while speaking about himself.[1]

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