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Mean was a denizen of an alien dimension, and to all accounts, is the only member of his respective species. Primarily, Mean enjoyed nothing more than chomping on his cigar and kicking back with a six-pack of beer. The only human who ever stilled his blackened heart was a Princess named Jean Grey. However, Jean preferred the affection of a blind Prince named Cyclops. Mean accused Cyclops of stealing Jean from him and nursed a severe hatred of the man ever since.

Jean Grey soon fell under the influence of her darker passions, and evolved into the malevolent entity known as Dark Phoenix. Mean joined a group of adventurers in an effort to save Jean Grey and restore her pure spirit.[1]

Some years later, Mean again found himself playing the part of the reluctant hero. A mutant from another dimension named Nightcrawler arrived in this Fairy Tale community by way of a dimensional portal known as the Well at the Center of Time. He met with several adventurers whom he recognized as dimensional counterparts of his teammates in the X-Men. Mean assisted Nightcrawler and the others in rescuing an alien princess named Sabree from a sorcerer known as Shagreen.[2]

Mean was one of the many Wolverines who was sent to stop Brother Mutant by the TIme-Broker but became enthralled by him.[3]

Mean's current whereabouts and whether he still assists his one-time allies in the doppelganger X-Men are unknown.

Powers and Abilities


The Fiend-With-No-Name possesses the ability to rotate his body around its lengthwise axis at superhuman speeds. He can spin at several hundred revolutions per minute, and still speak, hear, and see his environment while spinning. His spinning ability makes it possible for him to move along the ground in any direction at superhuman speeds.


The Fiend-With-No-Name has the uncanny ability to chew up beer cans and spit them out as if they were bullets fired from a gun.



Six pack of beer


The Fiend-With-No-Name posseses twelve-inch razor-sharp metal claws housed beneath the skin and muscle of his forearms. Upon mental command, he can unsheathe his claws and use them for bladed attacks against enemies. Presumably, the Fiend's claws are constructed of Adamantium or a similarly high-durable metal, but this has never been concretely established.


  • The Fiend-With-No-Name's existence is predicated by the theory that whenever an individual creates an idea, that idea manifests itself as reality in an alternate dimension.


  • Although Mean frequently introduces himself at gatherings, most people believe that he is merely describing himself as mean rather than actually telling them his real name.
  • Mean's rotation powers are loosely based on the character of the Tasmanian Devil from the Warner Brothers' Looney Tunes animated projects.

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