The species currently known as the Meat-Forms were the dominant species of the planet Inkandessa. Their abuse of the planet's resources and environment led to it being left uninhabitable, for which they moved to the second planet of their star system, Inkandessa 2. Their new homeworld was also eventually used up, so they moved to Inkandessa 3, leading to a similar result.

Meat-Forms creating their successors

Once they had depleted Inkandessa 3 and were about to move to the fourth and final planet, Inkandessa 4, Count Crankshaft set out to find a way to almost entirely reduce the impact on the ecosystem of his people. He invented the Great Machine, a device 99% of the inhabitants of Inkandessa 3 used be replaced with duplicates of solid light, which became known as the Light-Forms. The 1% that refused to undergo the transition became known as the Meat-Forms, building a secluded community where they lived, died, and grew older together making the minimal impact on Inkandessa 4's ecosystem. The Meat-Forms also maintained and kept running the Great Machine to ensure the continued existence of the Light-Forms.

Centuries following the creation of the Light-Forms, Inkandessa 4 was visited by the Silver Surfer and his companion Dawn Greenwood. When he discovered that the Light-Forms had secretly replaced the real Dawn with a Light-Form duplicate, the Surfer assisted the Light-Form Dawn in making haste towards the farm of Countess Crankshaft, the leader of the Meat-Forms at the time, in order to save her physical body from being destroyed due to Light-Form tradition.

Meat-Forms together with Light-Forms

The Meat-Forms worked tirelessly to fix the damage unwittingly caused to the Great Machine by the Silver Surfer, who had used his Power Cosmic to temporarily disrupt all holographic constructs in Inkandessa to bypass the farm's powerful holographic shield, which put at risk the existence of the Life-Forms. When Countess Crankshaft scolded the Surfer for this after the real Dawn had been saved, he apologized.

The Silver Surfer and the real Dawn then left Inkandessa, and the Meat-Forms bid them farewell together with the other Light-Forms, including the duplicate Dawn, who was required to remain in the planet and relatively close to the Great Machine in order to exist.[1]

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