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Quote1 The Mecha Undeground is a nontrivially dysfunctional freakshow... Populated by improvised uploads, homebrewed hiveminds, self-modded war machines, and technovirus-mutated renegade prototypes. Thus, it's not entirely surprising that most of them are on drugs. Quote2
-- Iron Man 2.0


The Mecha Underground is a commmunity of "mecha-supremacists." Tony Stark 2.0 infiltrated one of their underwater parties aboard a sunken ship to locate the manufacturer of a railgun used to attack the original Tony Stark.[1]

Once he infiltrated the party using chameleonware to disguise himself as a generic robot, Iron Man 2.0 located the manufacturer, a weapon-designing robosavant known as "Miltech Muramasa." Almost immdediatelly, the program that had infiltrated Iron Man 2.0's system known as Absynthe used a secret command hidden in the software the mechas used as drugs to transform them into puppets and attack him, forcing Tony 2.0 to exfiltrate.[2]

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