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Quote1.png No, el Médico Místico es más que un hombre. El Médico Místico es México. Y en México se dice... Aquí no queremos a los gringos que desprecian la magia. (No, the Doctor Mystical is much more than a man. The Doctor Mystical is Mexico. And in Mexico we say... We don't welcome gringos who despise magic.) Quote2.png
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The Médico Místico is the enigmatic magical protector of Mexico, the true appearance behind his mask is completely unknown.[1]

He was one of the numerous magicians summoned by Doctor Strange to the Bar With No Doors in New York City to inform them about the mysterious killing of thousands of Sorcerers Supreme from different dimensions, which posed a great danger to the magical community. The Médico expressed his will to fight these enemies to the death, and beyond if necessary.[2]

Facing the Empirikul

When the people responsible of the killings, the Empirikul, arrived to the Earth, they targeted the most powerful of magic users, including the Médico Místico. The Médico first confronted the Empirikul in the Lancandon Jungle, bringing a Mayan pyramid to life and using it as a golem.[1] He later defended Machu Picchu from the same villains.[3] He was ultimately defeated and brought to the feet of Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum together with the other fallen magicians, including Strange himself, to be sacrificed. Monako used his final strength to teleport the fallen away so they could regain their forces and strike back against the Empirikul.[4]


  • "Médico Místico" translates to "Mystical Doctor" in English.

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