Queen Medusa was the ruler of an underground offshoot of humanity known as the Sub-Earth Men, whose origins are unknown. In the summer of 1942, explosions caused by Nazi Fifth Columnists caused earthquakes that threatened her people. Having heard of the surface world and learned English from an explorer who briefly visited her kingdom during her father's rule, Queen Medusa led a number of her people through a tunnel to the surface. Upon their arrival, an earthquake caused the tunnel to collapse, trapping them on the surface.

Seeking to approach the surface people peacefully, Queen Medusa and a entourage came across a hunter. Frightened by their arrival on the backs of their massive worm-steeds, the hunter shot one of the Sub-Earth Men and fled. He told the local sheriff about the encounter, which was overheard by Private Steven Rogers and James Barnes who decided to investigate as Captain America and Bucky. When the sheriff confronted Queen Medusa and her entourage, they did so with guns blazing until Captain America intervened and stopped the violence -- but not before more of the Sub-Earth Men were gunned down. Captain America convinced Queen Medusa to go into the sheriff's custody. That night, Captain America and Bucky returned to the town and freed Queen Medusa from the sheriff's jail and returned her to her people, promising to convince the American government to broker a peace agreement with her people.

However, upon her arrival, her people brought to her a Nazi operative calling himself the Spook who convinced her people to take arms against the American government, offering them weapons to do so. Queen Medusa refused to fight, but her people outvoted her, and she was forced to secede leadership over to the Spook. As the Spook led the Sub-Earth Men in a slaughter of innocent Americans, Queen Medusa once more attempted to convince her people not to act in violence and was almost stoned to death if not for the intervention of Captain America and Bucky. Stopping her people from killing Medusa, Captain America once more promised to bring peace between the American government and the Sub-Earth People, allowing Queen Medusa to keep Bucky as a hostage until negotiations could be completed.

However, Cap was knocked out by the Spook who then enticed hostilities between the Americans and the Sub-Earth Men. Captain America revived shortly after and convinced the American military to stand down and enter peace talks. Overhearing this, reporter Hans Knutte decried this decision. Captain America recognized his voice of that of the Spook and knocked him out. Queen Medusa brokered a peace deal with the United States government.[1]

Her fate and the fate of her people following this peace agreement is unknown.


Queen Medusa rode a massive worm, a common form of animal transportation in the Sub-Earth Men's home land. These creatures had powerful, sharp beaks and suction cups on their underside allowing them to cling to most surfaces.

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