Quote1 UGH! Snagged in some sort of wire! How --? Quote2
-- Nightcrawler

Medusa of the Inhumans was slain by her insane brother-in-law Maximus when he sided with Apocalypse. Taking the DNA of the Inhuman Royal Family, Maximus made twisted clones based on their members including Medusa. When the X-Men came to the Blue Area of the Moon to attack Apocalypse while he was recovering from injuries they clashed with these perverted versions of the Inhumans. During the battle Medusa clashed with both Nightcrawler and Sabretooth. The X-Men were defeated, but thanks to their teammate Blink they freed themselves and escaped. Maximus was slain in the encounter.

Despite the Inhuman's initial victory, they were all killed when their ship was destroyed by Sunfire, Medusa included.


Seemingly those of Medusalith Amaquelin (Earth-616)#Powers.



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