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Medusa and Spider-Woman were waiting for Jennifer at A-Force headquarters to report the events of the previous night's watch. During the meeting the patrol reported that a megalodon had attacked them. Jennifer called A-Force to assemble. After Ms. America threw the megalodon across the Shield, Jennifer appealed to Sheriff Stephen Strange to try to prevent America's arrest, but failed. She then called the Sub-Mariners to aid A-Force in investigating the origin of the megalodon.[1] The Sub-Mariners reported back that there had been a portal under the water until it disappeared before their very eyes.[2]

Nico and Loki introduced Medusa to the mysterious Singularity. Together with Alison, Carol, and She-Hulk, they discussed her presence, and Medusa was forcing her to speak, but their pleasant meeting was cut short when a Sentinel emerged from a new portal and attacked them. Jennifer once again called A-Force to assemble. After they had defeated the Sentinel, Medusa insisted that She-Hulk send Singularity to the Shield, as she was forced to with Ms. America, because she believes that she is opening the portals and by extension causing harm to Arcadia. She-Hulk refuses. Singularity then threw She-Hulk through a portal.[2]

Through the portal, She-Hulk discovered and fought three more Sentinels, before being apprehended by Sif, Gamora, and Brunnhilde of the Thor Corps. The Thors attacked her for not being in her designated domain of Arcadia. They chased her back through the portal, and as she travelled through it, she realizes that the magic used to create it was from Arcadia. After the Thors arrived in Arcadia, they told She-Hulk that she would soon be joining Ms. America in exile for having broken one of Doom's laws. Medusa attempted to prevent them from taking She-Hulk by forcing the Thors back through the portal with her hair, but before she could slip completely through, the Gamora Thor killed Medusa with lightning from her sword.[3]



Seemingly those of Medusalith Amaquelin of Earth-616.

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