Medusa was the queen of Attilan, a city on the Moon populated by Inhumans. The Terrigen Mists gave Medusa control over her hair as if each strand was another limb. She is married to Black Bolt, Attilan's king, even though Black Bolt's parents ordered the deaths of her own.[1]

When Black Bolt's younger brother Maximus launched a coup to install himself as king, Medusa was captured by the members of the royal guard loyal to Maximus. Maximus forcibly shaved her head to take her Inhuman powers away from her. Her younger sister Crystal found Medusa soon afterwards, and had her dog Lockjaw take her to a place on Earth before Maximus and his soldiers came back.[1]

Lockjaw transported each member of the Royal Family to a different place on the island of Oahu, with Medusa taken to the Diamond Head crater. She contacted Black Bolt on her comlink to see if he was okay. She heard the sounds of traffic through his comlink, and realized Black Bolt must be located in a city. Crystal - who was still trapped in Attilan - contacted her while she was riding a bus into the city to find him. Medusa realized this was a trap set by Maximus and the royal guard so they could find where Lockjaw took her and the other members of the Royal Family. Medusa was ready when Maximus' lieutenant Auran came to find her. Although Auran believed Medusa was defenseless without her Inhuman hair, Attilan's queen surprised her when she stabbed Auran in the stomach with a knife she stole from a local.[1]

After leaving Auran for dead, Medusa again contacted Black Bolt through her comlink. She promised him they would return to Attilan together and take his throne back from Maximus.[1]

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