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The Mega-Monsters were a group of monsters captured by the Megans on their homeworld, Mega, to act as living weapons in their war against the Betans. The Megans had come to invade Earth while searching for material to supply them in the war; however, the Betans were able to successfully capture Godzilla and to test his power to see how he would fair against the disastrous trio, the three members of the Mega-Monsters.

Beta-Beast then engaged Godzilla in a battle on the Moon to judge his worthiness to fight in a battle against the Mega-Monsters, but was killed by his radioactive fire breath as he left back to Earth through a portal from the Betans. It was there that Godzilla, with the help of Red Ronin, engaged in combat against Triax.[1]

Despite them getting the upper hand in the beginning of the battle, Rhiahn, the team leader, successfully decapitated the Red Ronin just before getting blasted with the Energex-Ray by the Megans, which increased their height, power, and intelligence by a factor of ten-fold.[2] As they were just about to kill Godzilla, S.H.I.E.L.D. stepped in to distract the monsters, thus allowing Godzilla to regained his strength and kill them one by one, bringing their threat to an end.[3]

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