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| Month = August
| Month = August
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| Year = 2005
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Appearing in "Mechanized & Manipulated"

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Synopsis for "Mechanized & Manipulated"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

Some dangers are too big for even the Marvel Super Heroes--and that’s when they activate Tony Stark’s newest inventions: the Mega Morphs! Super-powerful high-tech transforming robots piloted by the unlikely team of New Avengers’ Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine--along with Ghost Rider and the Hulk?! Join Eisner-nominated writer Sean McKeever and superstar-on-the-rise Lou Kang for four issues of furious fighting, based on the hot new line of toys from Toy Biz. Marvel’s heaviest heroes in giant-robot action? True Believer, this is the toy-tie-in comic other toy-tie-ins dream of being!


  • Marvel has yet to reveal if this series happened in Earth-616 or another universe, however in Daily Bugle: Civil War there is an article mentioning Tony Stark denies having any involvement in creating huge fighting machines.
    • It was later revealed in Web Warriors that this is an alternate universe.

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