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Pixie was a student at the Summers Institute for Higher Learning in the Civil Management Division. She was in the lunch room eating and talking with her friends when Shark-Girl drew attention to what Glob had been up to, writing fan fiction about every one being a member of the X-Men and fighting battles against the bad guys. Pixie was intrigued by this, so she decided to take the notebook away from Glob, so she could look at it, but couldn't due to the timely intervention of Armor, who gave the book back to Glob. They then decided to go study at the library after school.

Megan was next in Mr. Yoshida's Civil Management class where he was talking to everyone about embarking on the mentorship program with Department X clerks. They had a special guest from the department, Clerk Psylocke, who touched basis with the students on the daily routine of the clerks.

After school, Megan and the others made it to the Hope Summers Memorial Library to study, when Rockslide noticed that there was a huge fire further downtown. Pixie and Armor wanted to go to the disturbance as that was what they were training to be. When they arrived at the burning house, Megan and Hisako were then confronted by Clerk Blob, who apprehend their friend Bling!.

Pixie left Armor behind as she went back to the front of the burning house where everyone else were, when suddenly the X-Men appeared out of nowhere to help put out the fire. Pixie ended up doing crowd control so that the X-Men would have room to get to work.[1]

She seemingly perished along with the rest of the planet when Magneto used the Life Seed to allow some of the mutants to leave the Age of X-Man.[2]


Seemingly those of the Megan Gwynn of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Megan Gwynn of Earth-616.

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