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Megan Gwynn, also known as Pixie, was raised by her grandparents in the small mining town of Abergylid in Wales. Her mutant powers manifested in a near-miss road accident involving her bicycle and another car. She could manifest rainbow-colored butterfly wings allowing her to fly with great maneuverability.[15]

Paragon Squad

After enrolling at the Xavier Institute, Megan was assigned to the Paragons training squad under the tutelage of former New Mutant, Wolfsbane.[16] When it was discovered that Wolfsbane had been in a romantic relationship with a student, Elixir, she left the school, and was replaced by her former teammate, Magma.[17]

Megan with Wolfsbane

Gwynn proved herself to be an amiable and cheerful student, and she fit in well with her squad. Following M-Day, nearly all of the Institute's students were depowered, leading to the dissolution of the school's training squads. Gwynn was one of only 27 students, along with her fellow former Paragons, Trance, Wolf Cub, and Match, to have retained their mutant abilities. Forty-two of Gwynn's former classmates were killed when a bus carrying several depowered students was ambushed. Among the confirmed deaths was Gwynn's fellow Paragon DJ.[18]


Pixie, along with Anole, Loa, Wolf Cub, Gentle, Rockslide, and Match, were told a frightening "ghost story" one night at the school by their fellow student, Blindfold. Pixie, frightened by the story, told Blindfold that she didn't like her anymore. Blindfold apologized to her and told her, "I'm sorry for your loss". It soon turned out that this tale wasn't a story at all, but rather a vision of things past and of things to come.[19] The group was soon sucked down into the realm of Limbo, where they were immediately attacked by a mob of demons. Pixie stayed by Blindfold's side during the fight, and Blindfold cautioned Pixie and the others that Gwynn must not "fall into darkness". She used her powers for the first time, incapacitating several demons with her "pixie dust", causing them to suffer psychedelic hallucinations. She admitted to not knowing what they saw in their hallucinations.[20] After Illyana Rasputin, now known as Darkchylde, saved the small group, she asked N'astirh to bring Megan to her. Despite her friends' trying to stop her, Megan gave into Darkchylde's request for a portion of her soul to create a Soulsword.[21] Illyana then explained that the knife was actually a portion of Pixie's own soul, which is why her Souldagger was smaller than the original Soulsword. Black magic could now fill the hole left behind in the knife's creation, leaving Pixie no longer an innocent personality as well as changing a great portion of her hair black instead of the previous pink.[22]

Learning magic from Illyana

Pixie was taught a teleportation spell by Illyana. She teleported her and her friends to Belasco to stop him from torturing the rest of the team. She was then told that in order to save her friends she must use her knife to stab Belasco. Initially hesitant, Pixie followed through with her orders and lost more of her innocence by killing the villain. After defeating Belasco and escaping from Limbo, Pixie was officially made a member of the New X-Men.[23]

Pixie was sitting in the medical lab along with Dust and Nezhno where she revealed that when she was of age, Dr. Strange would tutor her in magic. She was questioned by Mercury about her age because Mercury was trying to find out who is the youngest mutant alive now that more mutants weren't being born. Hellion assumed she was the youngest because she was the most immature. Megan questioned Sooraya about her religion and gushed over how Nehzno protected her in Limbo. Later she participated in a training session with Wolverine where she made him see unicorns. [24]

Pixie, along with the other New X-Men, took part in a battle against the Acolytes when they attacked the mansion seeking the Destiny Diaries. Blindfold later stated that Pixie would soon be injured.[25]

Messiah Complex

When the first new mutant since M-Day appeared, Pixie joined X-23, Hellion, Anole, Surge, Armor, and Rockslide in attacking the Washington, D.C. base of the Purifiers by teleporting them there. They were opposed by Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers. When Julian was injured and the Reavers were about to attack, Pixie panicked and couldn't teleport the team out until Rictor, who had infiltrated the Purifiers as a spy, told her to concentrate or else they would all die. Pixie did so, but blindly teleported the team, scattering them between Washington, D.C. and the Xavier Institute. Injured, she mentally called out to Emma Frost, breaking Emma's concentration on the fight between a group of X-Men and the Marauders.[26]

Pixie with her New X-Men Costume

Later, back at the mansion, she was with several other students and Beast when Predator X attacked several students outside, then changed tactics to go after the weaker wounded students in the infirmary. Pixie, realizing that X-23 had killed this type of creature before, attempted to teleport Predator X to X-23's location, but mistakenly took the majority of the students and Beast along with her and the creature, dropping them in the middle of the X-Men's fight with the Marauders on Muir Island.[27]

During the fight, Pixie was brutally beaten by the Malice-possessed Omega Sentinel, who taunted Pixie until Megan unexpectedly stabbed her foe with her Soul Dagger, exorcising Malice from Omega Sentinel's body. She was later consoled by Mercury after Professor X was shot and mortally wounded.[28]

Nation X

After the disbanding of the X-Men, Pixie went home to Abergylid to find the townspeople possessed by Demons. With help from the X-Men, Pixie defeated the demons and liberated her home. Afterward, Pixie accepted the X-Men's invitation to relocate to San Francisco.[15]

After the X-Men settled in San Francisco, Pixie was beaten up by racist Hellfire thugs, secretly being controlled by Empath and Madelyne Pryor.[29] Determined not to let them get the best of her, she healed up and stabbed Empath, who had been giving the X-Men quite a hard time, in the head with her Soul Dagger.[4]

During the Skrull Invasion, Pixie joined the team in the fight to defend the city. She was even assigned her own team to battle the Skrulls.[30]


After a mishap with her Souldagger while training with Nightcrawler, Pixie draws the Soulsword from his chest. Sensing the sword's presence from Limbo, Illyana teleported to the X-Men's base to retrieve her sword. Pixie fought Darkchylde, demanding the missing piece of her soul back, but Illyana triumphs and teleports back to Limbo with her Soulsword.[31]

X-Infernus Vol 1 2 textless.jpg

The X-Men assemble a team and teleport to Limbo using Pixie's magic, but are beset by demons. At Belasco's castle, Magik is defeated and captured by Belasco's daughter, Witchfire, who is planning to take over Limbo by using the bloodstones, made long ago from Magik's soul, to summon the Elder Gods. Witchfire combines her three bloodstones with the one Magik made from Pixie's soul, which summons Pixie to her side. Witchfire declares Pixie to be her apprentice and starts the process to make the fifth and final bloodstone from Pixie's soul. Pixie takes on a demonic appearance, but the ritual is interrupted by Nightcrawler and the X-Men who have teleported in. Nightcrawler uses Pixie's soul dagger to stab Magik and thus draw out her Soulsword, but Witchfire completes her spell and creates the final bloodstone.[32] Nightcrawler cuts off Witchfire's hand as she draws the bloodstone from Pixie, but Witchfire is still able to summon the Elder Gods. Magik, wearing the immune-to-magic Mercury as armor, is able to defeat Witchfire and retrieve the Bloodstone Amulet. Magik and Pixie combine their soul weapons to remove the latest bloodstone from the Witchfire's amulet, reversing her spell and banishing the Elder Gods. Witchfire escapes with the bloodstone amulet with four of five bloodstones (the original three created from Magik's soul and the one Magik created from Pixie). Pixie turns her soul dagger on Magik, only to discover her dagger has been enhanced by the fifth bloodstone. She flies away in anger.[33]

Pixie Strikes Back

Pixie found herself and several of her teenage teammates under a spell, causing them to live under the impression that they were ordinary high school girls with no memories of the X-Men.[34]

Pixie and the other X-Girls

However, the illusion began to fade, with Pixie finding herself in confrontation with the demon Saturnine. Meanwhile, a woman arrived on Utopia claiming to be her mother and demanding to see her. Later, her mother showed up in the Wyngarde mansion, where Lady Mastermind was fighting with Martinique. She told them to stop acting like the babies of the family and that they have been usurped. Pixie was revealed to be Jason Wyngarde's daughter and the Mastermind sisters' sibling.[35]

Second Coming: Hellbound

During the Second Coming event, the demons N'astirh and S'ym cut a deal with Bastion's forces and provided them with a "weaponized ritual" that sent Magik back to Limbo. When the X-Men teleport in a team to rescue her, S'ym and N'astirh approach Pixie to make another deal: if Pixie will kill Magik, and take her soulsword to N'astirh, he will return the missing piece of Pixie's soul and free her from Limbo's darkness forever. After Pixie turns on him and frees Magik, they assist Anole and Cannonball against some corrupted X-Men. After the battle ends the two girls came to understand each other better.[36]

Project Purgatory

Megan was captured by the Project Purgatory who stole her Soul Dagger[37] and ripped out another piece of her soul.[38] After Legion destroyed the Elder Gods, Illyana returned the two Bloodstones and Soul Dagger to Pixie.[39]


After battling Sentinels across the globe,[40] Pixie was injured.[41][42] While in the infirmary, she flirted with Velocidad unaware he was dating Hope Summers. While they kissed, a very angry and jealous Hope interrupted the pair, making Pixie realize they were together and slapping Velocidad in the face. Later, as Pixie packed for the return to Westchester, Hope approached her with a request to join the team to offer them faster transport. Pixie accepted and began training with the Lights.[14] Pixie took part on a mission when a "new light" appeared only to find out it was Sebastian Shaw. She was frozen by Jin Billion's men but her teammates saved her. Pixie also took part in stopping Zero from killing Hope.[43]

Back to School

Exodus attacked the Jean Grey School to impel Wolverine's X-Men return to Utopia. He changed his mind however after reading the minds of Rogue and Wolverine, deciding that the best way to reunite the mutant race was to kill Cyclops. Pixie and the other students came to help when Rogue's message was sent to Utopia, much to the displeasure of Wolverine. After the battle was over, Rogue offered Pixie and the other young mutants a place in the school, but she and the others refused the offer.[44]

When Unit escaped from S.W.O.R.D and tricked Cyclops' X-Men into believing a new mutant emerged. Hope and her team were sent and found only Unit waiting for them. Unit controlled the Lights to stand down, teleport away, and fall asleep, leaving him to speak with Hope.[45]

Megan was one of the young X-Men who were captured by the Avengers and sent to the Avengers Academy.[46] Afterwards, she made her way to the Jean Grey School where she eventually graduated and became a full member of the X-Men.[10]

House of X

Like countless other mutants, Pixie joined the mutant nation of Krakoa following its foundation.[11] As a representative of the nation, Pixie took part in a few international missions, encountering the Champions,[47] the Children of the Atom,[48] and the Runaways, with whom she had a special bond.[2] In one of her missions to an Orchis anti-mutant museum, she discussed with her friends how she was one of the few mutants on Krakoa who had never died and been resurrected by The Five. Encouraged by her friends, she decided to use her powers to traumatize one of the guards by making him kill her, deeply concerning Nightcrawler with her cavalier attitude towards death and the fact that, when she came back, she had lost a day of memories.[7]

She later joined Nightcrawler and Doctor Nemesis on a mission to rescue Legion, who she'd never met but heard a lot about from his late girlfriend Blindfold. When they found him in an Orchis base, he had been reduced to just a brain, so Kurt was forced to kill him so he could be resurrected by the Five.[49]

She was possessed by Onslaught along with everyone on the island,[50] but eventually freed from his control. She was then sent by Legion and Nightcrawler alongside Doctor Nemesis, Dazzler, and DJ to deprogram everyone using her soulsword as Onslaught was making everyone commit suicide while Xavier deleted their backups preventing their resurrections. They took them through a gate into the House of L, a pocket dimension in Legion's mind where their thoughts could be merged, turning them into something that could defeat Legion.[51]


Power Grid[69]
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Pixie Dust

Pixie is a hybrid mutant and fairy and possess powers granted to her both by her mutation and inherent magical abilities, without a clear distinction regarding the source of each power. Her powers include:

  • Wings: Pixie has insectoid wings protruding from her back that allow her to engage in flight and with great maneuverability. Her wings were formerly rainbow-colored and butterfly-like,[13] and after losing a piece of her soul, they were monochrome for a while,[52] but they have since settled on a pink and blue-ish appearance.[53][54][55][2] Following her time in the Age of X reality, Pixie was haunted by her memories of Nightmare, her Age of X counterpart, occasionally swapping from insectoid wings to batlike wings. This shift was psychologically based, and initiated by Nightmare (as an alter ego) taking dominance. It is unknown if she still has this ability, as Pixie requested that most of Nightmare's memories be removed.[56]
    • Hallucinogenic Dust: Pixie generates a dust that causes powerful visual and auditory hallucinations in her victims. This dust affects others by being inhaled or through skin contact. Often the hallucinations are calming and pleasant images such as teddy bears, bubbles and unicorns.[24]
  • Spell Casting: Pixie has innate magical aptitude; Doctor Strange initially promised to teach her more spells once she turned eighteen.[24] Pixie was one of the many possible candidates for the title of Sorcerer Supreme.[57]
    • Teleportation: After the creation of her Souldagger, Darkchylde taught Pixie a teleportation spell, "Sihal novarum chinoth!".[22] With this spell, Pixie can transport herself and others over great distances instantaneously.[58] She can also teleport inter-dimensionally.[59][60] Even while inexperienced in teleporting, Pixie has shown a great amount of aptitude for it to the point where she is able to warp to and reach locations before her teleportation coach: Nightcrawler.[58]
    • Demons Banishment: Using the spell from the Cheyennes magic book, she was able to banish demons.[61]
    • Sleeping Spell: Scarlet Witch taught Megan a sleeping spell "Mists of Morpheus, go!"[62]

She was deemed a Low Threat by the O*N*E.[63]



Illyana giving Megan her bloodstones and Soul Dagger

  • (Formerly) Pixie used to wear a helmet in case she fell or crashed.[16][6]


Pixe wielding her Soul Dagger.

Souldagger: A piece of Pixie's soul was taken by Darkchylde to forge a smaller version of the Soulsword, called the Souldagger.[22] The Souldagger has displayed many of the same qualities as the Soulsword including:

  • Striking the Supernatural: The Souldagger only harms magical creatures or objects.[2]
  • Sword Summoning: Pixie can store her Souldagger in nothingness and summon it whenever she desires.[2]


Flight via wings and magical teleportation.


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