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Quote1.png My husband...the mighty Hercules. Bounding through a line of wine, women and song... And without a care in the world. But is that truly the case, however? In this, I wonder... I wonder if you see our faces every time you close your eyes? Or if our deaths haunt your every waking moment...even after all these years? I wonder if what the world sees of you is but a mask...and you, happy-go-lucky Hercules, are anything but. After all...nobody gets that drunk. Am I right to wonder these things, my husband... Are our children right? There's no need to answer. You've come here for our have it. Your labor is complete. Quote2.png


Early Life

Megara was a was the daughter of King Creon of Thebes in Ancient Greece.[1] When Thebes went to war against the Minyan Pirates he betrothed his daughter to the young warrior Hercules for defeating the invaders.[2]


She later became the first wife of Hercules[3] and they had two had children together.[4]


In 1277 B.C., when Hercules away on his final of the Twelve Labors of Hercules by going to the Underworld to rescue Theseus, everyone thought him dead. Lycus took advantage of his absence to seize Thebes, kill Creon.[1] However, although the myth blamed it on a curse from Hera.[4] it was actually revealed that Hercules killed his wife and sons out of his bloodlust of wanting to drown the world out.[1]


After their death Megara and his children soul went to Hades[4]

For the final task of his modern "Twelve Labors", Eurystheus told Hercules that he must travel to the realm of Hades and retrieve a flower from his wife, whom Hercules had murdered. He and the crew traveled to the River Styx. Now in Hades, he knocked out Cerberus and went through the gate. He met his wife and children, which Megara said she had forgiven him for his actions knowing that his madness was caused by Hera. She gave a flower to her husband as a reward and remembrance of their time together and Hercules left Hades to complete his final labor.[4]

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