Meggan was a member of the Lightning Force, a version of Excalibur from Earth-597, a world where the Nazis had won World War Two and took over the Allied countries.

Meggan traveled to the mainstream Earth, Earth-616 with the rest of her team when the Reichsminister of Genetics, Moira MacTaggert and her bodyguard Callisto were switched with their Earth-616 counterparts by a dimensional portal.[2]

Lightning Force gained entry to the Tower of London, where the two women were being helod by WHO. At first, Lightning Force appeared to have the upper hand, seeming to beat Excalibur easily. However, it later transpired that Meggan had been overpowered and replaced by the Earth-616 Meggan, who then helped her teammates defeat the rest of Lightning Force.[3]

Meggan returned to Earth-597 with the rest of Lightning Force, as it was thought by the authorities that they couldn't be tried for their crimes in a reality that was not their own.[4]


Seemingly those of Meggan.

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