Part of the Norse myth, Megingjord is the enchanted Belt of Strength owned by Thor. When worn by Thor, his already legendary strength is doubled.[2]

First used by Thor when trapped by the magician Sandu[2], who was being manipulated by Thor's evil step-brother Loki. The Belt was normally held in reserve by Odin in Asgard when Thor was not using it.

The belt was worn by Thor when Kurse was being empowered by the Beyonder.[3]

The belt was worn by Red Norvell, when he used it to lift Thor's hammer Mjolnir, and temporarily replaced Thor. Odin did this as part of a plan to cheat Ragnarok.[4][5]

Later, Thor wore Megingjord to boost his powers and make his God-Blast unleashed from Mjolnir all in an attempt to breach the seemingly impenetrable armor of the Celestial Exitar.[6]

During a battle with a higher powered clone of Thanos, Thor received Megingjord along with a shield and gauntlet empowered with Odinforce from Odin and used them to finally defeat the Thanos clone.[7]

Mejingjord hasn't been seen since, and its whereabouts are unknown.

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