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Told of the Ruby Scarab by his dying father, the original Scarlet Scarab, Mehemet Faoul found it after years of searching and became the second Scarlet Scarab.

He began searching for the stolen Eye of Horus, leading him to a museum. The curator explained it had been stolen from the museum, but Mehemet angrily attacked the museum, saying everything was stolen. The curator contacted Thor, who was waiting when he returned. The two briefly battled Thor. Thor seperated him from the Ruby, but returned it after Mehemet explained his purpose. They were able to find the thieves, and Thor agreed that Mehemet could return the Eye to Egypt.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman strength and durability
  • Able to fly at roughly 350-400 mph
  • Fire concussive bursts of mystical energy
  • Drain life energy from others on contact

Physical Strength

Roughly 75 tons


Mehemet needs to maintain contact with the Scarab to use its power.

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