Meiko Yin, the cousin of one of Peter Parker’s fellow photographers at the Daily Bugle, became engaged to a man named Karsano. Shortly after their engagement, they began to study the martial arts. However, Karsano, seeking new challenges, joined an offshoot of the Hand known as the True Believers. He became their assassin, known as the Dragonfly. Their sensei, Madam Qwa, ordered Karsano to kill Meiko to prove his loyalty. He accepted the challenge. He had three attempts to do so. Meiko came to New York City to meet Angela, to stay with her. She met her at a fair, but Karsano and a small group of True Believers attacked her. Spider-Man was present, however, and helped fight them. They drove of the ninjas, who fled. They later attacked Meiko on the roof of Angela’s apartment, again with Spider-Man in attendance. Spider-Man and Meiko humiliated Karsano, who committed a ritual suicide.[1]

Later, Madam Qwa told Meiko she had passed the test. The Dragonfly trained with some True Believers. Shortly afterwards, she was commanded to kill Spider-Man's friend and colleague, Joe ‘Robbie’ Robertson.[2]

The Dragonfly and a group of True Believers attacked Robertson, only for Electro, who’d been hired by the Rose to kill the True Believers, to attack them. He would have killed her, if it were not for the intervention of Spider-Man and Robertson. As he saved her life, she spared him.[3]

The Hand, who had come to New York to stop the True Believers, were attacked by Elektra, who learned of the cult from them. She planned to stop them herself, so the Hand would depart. Meanwhile, outraged by Meiko’s failure, Madam Qwa offered a lenient punishment: to kill Angela Yin or be killed. She reluctantly accepted, but, when she received the opportunity, she fled. This was observed by one of the True Believers other assassins, Yano. He pursued her to a train yard, but was opposed by Spider-Man and Elektra. The heroes won, and the True Believers present were apprehended, alongside Yano. Meiko, meanwhile, quit the cult.[4]

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