Melanie Daniels was an actress who was constantly competing with Mary Jane Watson for the same parts. Mary Jane eventually won a recurring role on Secret Hospital, but due to other events in her life, ultimately quit, allowing Melanie to take her place which in turn led her to achieving bigger parts.

Some time after this, Melanie invited Mary Jane to a play based on the Fantastic Four. Mary Jane brought along her friend Carlie Cooper, a big fan of Melanie's movies, since her boyfriend Peter was too busy to attend. Melanie invited both of them backstage, where she revealed that she is in fact playing the part of Invisible Woman. During the performance, the villain Electro came in and took Melanie hostage, leaving it up to people on the internet to decide whether or not she should kill Melanie. However, Carlie distracted Electro long enough for Melanie and Mary Jane to switch places to allow Carlie Mary Jane to tactically take down Electro together. After Electro was apprehended, Melanie complained to the reporters outside about how everyone was asking questions about Mary Jane Watson and that she was the real victim.

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