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Melanie Kapoor is a young girl gifted with a pair of Magical Soccer Boots, which grant her various soccer related powers. Eventually, she was recruited or joined the Braddock Academy and took up residence in Braddock Manor, England.[1]

When Ultron took over the world, Mel was one of the few students at the Braddock Academy, and was unofficially recruited to aid in saving refugee humans.[1]

Mel accompanied Captain Brian and Captain Marvel in their assault on Ultron's stronghold in St. Paul's Cathedral. Unfortunately, Mel died along with the other heroes.[1]


Mel's possess a pair of Magical Soccer Boots, which endow her with Soccer Magic, including:

  • Superhuman Accuracy: Mel is able to hit any target with precision and accuracy.[1]
  • Long-Distance Kicking: Mel is able to kick objects over great distances.[1]
  • Conditional Invulnerability: Mel is invulnerable while dribbling.[1]
  • Superhuman Reflexes and Superhuman Agility: Mel possess heightened reflexes and agility.


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