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Melanie and a friend were on a trip to Buffalo, where she met a strange man with purple skin. Introducing himself, the Purple Man fell in love with Melanie and used his ability to control the thoughts and actions of others to make her love him. They spent many months together until Killgrave released his hold on her. Revolted by what he had done, she fled, only to discover she was pregnant with his child.[1]

Melanie was extremely pleased when her infant daughter, Kara, was born with a normal complexion. However, when Kara was a teenager, her skin finally changed pigmentation and she soon discovered she had the same powers as her father. Meeting Alpha Flight, she eventually joined them as a member of a new Beta Flight.[1]

Melanie was later delighted to hear that her husband had been killed by Namor, after Doctor Doom had used him in a plot for world domination. Melanie had lived with the constant fear that Zebediah Killgrave would come back into their lives.[2]

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