Melek is the spokesman for the Tunnel Rats, a society of mutants living beneath Mutant Town. To make his presence known, he and Ahmed would cause blackouts in Mutant Town, unaware that this triggered the appearance of the serial killer The Worm. Because of this, Alexei Vazhin ordered the Tunnel Rats be either moved to the surface, or killed.[citation needed]

Melek opted to stay behind, with Sarah and others, venturing deeper into the bowels of the city. He was present when Lucas Bishop and Ismael Ortega confronted the Worm, who claimed his last two victims - Nemesio Pietri and Sarah - before Ortega shot him.[citation needed]

Following the death of the Worm, Melek took Sarah's body and vanished into the tunnels to rebuild his life.[citation needed]


  • Telepathy


Using his telepathy too often tires him out easily

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