Quote1 When I was little, my parents thought there was something wrong with my brain. Eddie... Eddie thought there was something very right. He was like me. He was a scientist. A Mechanic. And he was a hero. They found his body in some rubble. Where Wolverine left him. Quote2
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When Melinda was very young, her mother and father were afraid that there was something developmentally wrong with her brain; however, her uncle, Eddie McDonough, recognized that Melinda was actually a gifted intellect. A scientist and inventor himself, Eddie helped nurture and encourage Melinda's intellect, which led to her forging a close bond with him.[1]

Melinda McDonough (Earth-616) from All-New Wolverine Annual Vol 1 1 002

Melinda tells her story

Loss and Vengeance

After Eddie was killed by Wolverine, while the latter was under the control of the Hand, Melinda was devastated. She vowed vengeance, and locked herself away in a secret bunker to devise a means of preventing Logan from hurting anyone ever again. Unfortunately, because she also virtually cut herself off from contact with the outside world, she never learned that Logan himself had perished, and that Laura Kinney moved into his apartment and took over the Wolverine name. Unable to bring herself to killing him herself, Melinda instead designed and built a gun capable of transporting a target into other dimensions.

Still unaware that Logan was dead, Melinda located his apartment on Raddit, and set up her gun intending him to teleport him to another dimension where he would no longer be able to cause any damage. As a result, when she fired the weapon Laura was transported to Earth-65. However Melinda neglected to consider the implications of what might happen if someone was already occupying her target's destination, and by chance that universe's Gwen Stacy was performing with the Mary Janes in that same location in her home dimension. As a result, the weapon malfunctioned and caused Laura and Gwen to swap bodies.

After returning home to Earth-616 with the help of Reed Richards, Laura as Spider-Woman enlisted Gwen's help as Wolverine, and together the two women tracked Melinda to her secret base in the Bronx. Melinda engaged them in a short fight, before she was unnerved after Gwen accidentally stabbed herself in the face while trying to use Laura's claws and rushed to get out of her armor before she threw up into her helmet. Confused at the presence of Gwen and Laura, she divulged her plot. With the situation cleared up, Melinda agreed to return Gwen and Laura to their own bodies, and sent the pair to their respective homes.[1]


Melinda possesses a gifted intellect, and is a skilled inventor and engineer. She was capable of building her own version of the Hornet's Suit, a well-defended base complex she called her "nest," and even a trans-dimensional portal gun.[1]


  • Melinda demonstrates a weak stomach, nearly vomiting into her own helmet when Gwen Stacy, trapped in Laura's body, accidentally extended Laura's claws into her own face.[1]


  • Melinda built a suit of powered armor based upon her uncle's version of the Hornet suit.[1]


  • Trans-dimensional portal gun.[1]
  • Various booby-traps and automated defenses.[1]
  • The full extent of her armor's arsenal is unknown; however, it appears to have repulsors similar to that of the Iron Man Armor.[1]

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