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The depowered Melody visits the X-Mansion for Icarus' Death

One of ten siblings, Melody Guthrie was the fourth of the Guthrie children to have manifested mutant abilities. Sent to join her kin at the Xavier Institute, Melody ultimately lost her powers with the advent of M-Day.[3] Believing she still had her powers, she jumped off a building, but was saved by Beast in the nick of time.[4]

Since then, she lived at home with her mother, Lucinda, and her other siblings. She briefly returned to the Institute after the death of her brother Josh to say goodbye.[5]

She eventually took a job as an administrator for Camp Gloriana, where Storm was a keynote speaker, leading to their reunion.[6]

Melody later went to live on the newly-created mutant-only nation of Krakoa. There, she became the first to undergo a novel ritual called the Crucible, a trial of combat against Apocalypse to earn the right to die and be resurrected by the Five, in order to regain her lost powers. In front of a large ensemble of mutants, she was brutalised by Apocalypse, who urged her to give up and ask to be healed instead of persisting in the fight. Melody refused and was ultimately killed by Apocalypse, passing the trial of Crucible. She later claimed her prize when she was resurrected by the Five, with her former powers returned to her.[7]



Melody flying for the first time after being repowered.

Flight: Melody can generate an aura of energy that allows her to levitate and propel through the air under her own power.[8]


  • Although it was clear that there was definitely one more Guthrie sister who was not Paige, Joelle, Elisabeth, or one of the female twins, as shown in both New Mutants #42 and Uncanny X-Men Annual #1995, Melody’s name was not revealed until Uncanny X-Men #444-445.
  • Melody might have been present in X-Men (Vol. 2) #36, holding a teddy bear. In that issue, all the Guthries were blonde, even Joshua and Lucinda.

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